Well I hope you enjoyed the long weekend, I certainly did! played a few games (both board & video), spent time at the pub & starting learning React Native & Redux. It's still early days but perhaps I will write a post about those 2 libraries at some point.

Quick post summary today, which is just a list of the podcasts I listen to on a weekly basis. I will likely do a bigger recommendation on some of these in the future.

  • Love Your Work by David Kadavy - A hugely entertaining podcast about those who have defined there own success or very short segments on productivity hacks to improve your life. His favourite motto is: 'Time management is mind management', this rings so true for myself.
  • Talking Machines - This is all about machine learning and it is at the forefront of the subject, therefore is complex to understand but still very interesting
  • Wired UK - Latest news from the Wired UK team, always great to hear from these guys, I love the magazine (that's another post...) and this is just as good.

Below are podcasts that are all game related (mostly video games) (NB more likely to have strong language ahead)

  • Idle Thumbs - These guys are based in San Fransico and have work at various game studios in the past before setting up there own and produced Firewatch. They cover the latest goings on from their perspective. They have also built up a network of podcasts and communities to complement each one. I cannot recommend them enough!
  • Idle Weekend - You may have guessed from the title that this is part of the same network as Idle Thumbs. These two dissect a larger topic or question before covering what else is grabbing their attention each week.
  • The Crate & Crowbar - Games journalists based in Bath, UK. Similar to Idle Thumbs these guys & girl give there opinions on the latest games they have been playing, this can range from AAA games to tiny indie games.
  • Daft Souls - Currently on a break, but these guys again cover what they have been playing and giving their honest verdict.
  • Shut up & Sit Down - Podcast about the latest in Board games, it has reviews & interviews with designers - love these guys and what they do!

P.S. I listen to all my podcasts at 2x speed, it takes a bit of getting used to, but it does mean you can fit twice as much in :)