Other Django contributions

Yesterday I mentioned contributing financially, but what other ways can you contribute?

One easy way is helping others, primarily on Discord or the Forum, but it's not limited to just these two places. Answering questions on Stack Overflow is equally valid.

Volunteering at conferences, events or hosting your own local meetup raises the profile of Django and demostrates your involvement. Then there is speaking at conferences, attending sprints (either in-person or online) or producing content such as blogs, podcasts or videos.

Finally Django (or more specifically the DSF) needs contributors at the board level and in working groups. The majority of these roles do not need software engineers, but specialists in there areas of fundraising or social media to name a couple. I am sure there are other areas that could do with help as well!

This is just a small list of items that I know about but the list is endless! My main point is here is that we probably need more non-code contributions over code contributions. What do you think? Let me know!