Giving back to Django

I have written about this on Linkedin before, but time is due to write about it here as well. When the topic of giving back comes up most developers think about giving their time and skills to fix a bug or create a package. While these endeavours are noble, I find them hard to do given the limited time I have available between family, work, health and sleep!

Therefore last year, inspired by the guys at Foxley Talent, I started donating 5% of my reveune to the Django Software Foundation (DSF). It's an relatively easy thing to do since 5% will always be in line with the money I have available compared with a fixed amount.

I also as a freelancer/consultant like to communicate this value to my clients by having it as a line item on the invoice for them to see where some of their money is going.

I do wonder what would happen if the DSF recieved 5% of the profits or reveune from other companies that used Django. What would the DSF be able to achieve for Django? Could you commit to a percentage amount? or better yet asking your employer? I recommend you seriously consider it if Django has impacted your career in a meaningful way.