Day 2 of learning Django

Yesterday I recommended the initial starting point for learning Django, but once you have completed those, what's next?

You have a few options depending on your preference for learning. First up, books. Some members of the community have put out excellent books which go deeper into the details of Django topics you will need to know. Top of the list of these author's are Will Vincent and Matt Layman

If you don't fancy a book, then really it's starting to build your own projects. A good starting project is your own personal website, although I suggest this with a couple of caveats, first be prepared to pay for the necessary hosting costs and second do use it as place to learn and write about those learnings not just a line item for the CV.

Finally if writing is not your thing (although I would highly recommend it), build a project that solves a problem or improves an area you actually care about over creating clones of popular website to bulk out a portfolio, a single project created with passion is far more interesting over repeated generic solutions. This style of project will probe you go deeper into Django when you have the need to build a certain feature or fix a bug.