Learning Django from scratch

Disclaimer: This post is one that will likely need to be updated at some point or have revisions when new resources come out!

First and foremost, welcome to Django! This post is intended a sign post to my recommended resources from someone who has been in the community a while.

Your first steps should be a tutorial and the one you choose should depend on how new you are to development in general. The offical tutorial on djangoproject.com assumes you have a good grasp of Python and general development experience.

If you need a more comphrensive tutorial then I recommend having a look at Mozilla's tutorial which teaches some basics around development as well.

If you get stuck then the best places to get help are the Django Forum or the Discord Server. Which you choose is down to personal preference of communication styles.

One final point is that, at time of writing, I am not going to recommend any video series since they seem to be often out of date or teach bad practices.