Migrating to my new laptop

Recently I bought myself a new laptop, which should mean a productivity boost to me so fan's don't run so often or generrally overheats. I am also taking the time to do some spring cleaning and get more structured in how I organise my laptop environment as recommended on Mastodon.

To begin with I have cleared out any unused configuration files and applications that no longer work or I have never used. Secondly I have started my own dotfiles repo (which I will share in due course), which honestly feels overwhelming and a rabbit hole when browsing other peoples dotfiles repos. There are new tools to explore and evaluate and new options in existing tools or replacement tooling. All in all results in decision fatigue.

There is an opportunity here though, a tool that would guide a user through creating a dotfiles repo or even run some of the command automatically to generate the required files (eg brew bundle for mac) This would minimise the choice and help someone actually get started. For me I took a break and knew I had to be more explicit in what I was trying to get done, this almost always unblocks me. I didn't have a plan, now I do. Fingers crossed I can now migrate quicker!