We are in the age of AI not AI

For better or worse, Artificial Intelligence is currently experiencing a peak of the hype cycle of technology, more specificially LLMs or Generative AI. (Yay for buzzwords & TLAs!) It's being misused, over sold that these AI can solve all our problems (spoiler: they won't) and replace most of the jobs available. The truth is of course more nuanced.

A better framing for the AI of today would be Augmented Intelligence. The terminology is there with quite a few of the 'AI' products out there, Github's Copilot being the most prominent. They will make those already productive and with understanding faster to produce the necessary output, they give an excellent starting point, they are a partner in the creative work not a replacement for the person.

Remember that you, the human, need to understand and iterate on the input & output of an AI. It's work alone will not be complete by itself.