Dear Junior Developer...

Dear Junior Developer,

You are learning to code in a time when LLM's are booming and providing easy high contextual answers to the queries you have. They have what appears to be an unlimited amount of knowledge and can produce code for almost anything you ask. But do they understand what they are producing, the wider context of your problem? Is the code even valid for today's task?

The responsibilty of understanding code still falls upon your shoulders, the theory behind the code, can you make sense of it? When (not if) a bug happens could you find the error, can you understand what the error message is telling you? Or would you just copy and paste some more code from ChatGPT or continue to press tab from co-pilot?

Knowledge is very different from Understanding, computers or AI in whatever form will likely always have more knowledge. But they will always lack the understanding required to meet the exact requirements at hand, that is where we humans, we developers fill the gap.

You need to fill the gap and understand what you are building.

A Senior Developer