Recent improvements to the website

A quick meta post today to celebrate the new month! Recently I have added two new features surrounding theses posts, tags and series.

I have tagged each post with a series of tags which provide a set of categories that is relates to. These are now displayed on each post as a link which will take a user to a page with all the other posts tagged with that particular tag. This works basically as one would expect. In future I may also add a search feature to the posts. These tags also get added to the RSS feed as categories which I use as hashtags when posting to social media.

The next feature is series. Since some topics cover multiple days/posts I wanted a easy way for a user to browse to the other posts in the series. This involves adding the title of the series to each post which acts as a key to find the other posts in the series, we then render the series title and other titles as a table of contents on page. There is more I could likely do here, but for now it works sufficiently well.

If your interested in a more technical deep dive of this then let me know, for context the site is a NextJS site, not Django!