Django Virtual Sprints - Part 4

While the event was a great prototype, a few of us came away with some ideas and improvements for next time, below are a few that I am personally interested in trying:

  • Fewer projects or tables to provide more focus and therefore easier for newer folks to get involved with.
  • Extend the event to be more asynchronous in nature, for example have a month where we focus on one project in the Django ecosystem
  • or shorten the event to a day as it's more exhausting being online for the whole day.
  • This event opened me up to hosting more social events in Discord, since then we have launched a Django.Social Discord server to support the in person meetups and for some virtual meetups in the future!
  • The Discord server has quite a few begineers so having tutorial sessions (django girls, official tutorial, etc) would be more inclusive and targeted to those who are interested.
  • A meta option would be to also work on ideas related to the Discord itself, we have plenty of things that we are not making use of and could have a hand with, these also include plenty of non-code items!
  • Finally is there space for a Djangonaut Space collaboration? They have made excellent contributions to the community and more events might help keep the momentum going?

Which is your favourite? Drop me an email ( and let me know.