Paid Django project configurations

One area newer Django engineers struggle with a lot is that of hosting their project once it is ready to go. This comes down to the fact that there are a lot of options available each with it's own way of configuring the site to work as intended, and Django itself does not favour one method over another.

To that end I wonder if there was a demand for either a repository along with documentation to setup a production-ready Django site. Cookiecutter and the like is a good start, but we would actually want to make really easy to either drop the Django project into the repository, or drop the repository into the Django project... Documentation and automation would be the key building block here!

The other approach would be to sell this as a service, not hosting the Django project itself, but taking a codebase and deploying it to some infrastructure and make it accessible to the right places. The key challenge would be limiting the options available to quickly repeat the steps required.

Do either of these sound viable? Drop me and email if your interested!