An under used feature of the admin? - Multiple AdminSites

The Django Admin is a powerful out of the box tool that you get for free when starting any project. Yes, by today's standard's it looks old and yes every developer under the sun has pushed it to do things it clear shouldn't do and some even try to have it as the main UI for their project (don't do this please)! This to me shows just how powerful the tool is! It is incredible. However I wonder how many Django projects out in the wild have multiple Admin Sites?

Typically everyone uses the default instantiation of the AdminSite class, but there is no reason why you cannot either instantiate it multiple times or subclass it to add your own customisation. (In fact one of my clients does the second option to provider a very customised dashboard for staff.)

The idea around having 2 admins could be that you limit what is available to staff compared with developers. Or easily limit the availablilty of personal data for compliance reasons (ie GDPR or HIPAA). On the surface it is probably a lot of duplicate code, but it an idea I would like to explore one day.